Field: Modern/Rural America

Contact Info:
2119 JFSB
(801) 422-5211​

Current Classes:
  • Hist 221: US Since 1877
  • Hist 364: Utah
Classes Taught:
  • Hist 200: The Historian's Craft
  • Hist 220: The United States Until 1877
  • Hist 221: The United States Since 1877
  • Hist 361: American West Since 1900
  • Hist 364: Utah History
  • Hist 387: 20th-Century American Indian History
  • Hist 396R: Special Topics in American History
  • Hist 374: US History from 1890 to 1945
  • Hist 485: Junior Tutorial in History
  • Hist 490: Historical Research and Writing
  • Hist 564: Sources and Problems in Western U.S. History
  • Hist 590R: Special Topics​


Brian Q. Cannon graduated from BYU with a BA in American Studies in 1984. He completed an MA in History at Utah State University in 1986 and a PhD in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1992. Since that time he has been teaching at BYU. He teaches upper division courses in the American West in the Twentieth Century, Utah History, and U.S. History from 1890 to 1945. Much of his research focuses upon agricultural settlement, rural community development and federal rural policy in the twentieth century. He has received fellowships or other awards from the Western History Association, the Agricultural History Society, the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, the Ford Foundation and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. He and his wife, Anna Lea, are the parents of one daughter and three sons.

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