Field: US/Mexican-American

Contact Info:
2121 JFSB
(801) 422-4387

Consultation Hours:

Current Classes:

  • Hist 200:  The Historian's Craft

Classes Taught:

  • Hist 200: The Historian's Craft
  • Hist 221: The U​nited States Since 1877
  • Hist 376: U.S. History from 1945 to 2000
  • Hist 385: Latinos in the United States
  • Hist 392R: Special Topics in Latin American History
  • Hist 396R: Special Topics in American History
  • Hist 485: Junior Tutorial in History
  • Hist 490: Historical Research and Writing
  • Hist 590R: Special Topics
  • Hist 653: Sources and Problems in 20th Century America

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Dr. García is the Lemuel Hardison Redd, Jr. Professor of Western & Latino history at BYU.  He is the author of four books on Mexican American politics and civil rights, and his fifth book will be coming out in the Fall of 2008.  He has written on Chicano political parties, the John F. Kennedy presidential campaign as it related to Latinos, written a biography on Hector P. García, an American civil rights icon, and will soon be publishing a book on the first civil rights case to be decided by the Earl Warren Court.  He is currently working on a co-edited volume of essays by major Latino scholars and intellectual, and also on a history of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission’s work in the West.