Field: US/Mexican-American/Latina/o

Contact Info:
2121 JFSB
(801) 422-4387​

Current Classes:

  • Hist 385:  History of Latinos in the United States
  • Hist 490:  History Capstone

Classes Taught:

  • Hist 200: The Historian's Craft
  • Hist 221: The U​nited States Since 1877
  • Hist 376: U.S. History from 1945 to 2000
  • Hist 385: Latinos in the United States
  • Hist 392R: Special Topics in Latin American History
  • Hist 396R: Special Topics in American History
  • Hist 485: Junior Tutorial in History
  • Hist 490: Historical Research and Writing
  • Hist 490: Biography in American History
  • Hist 590: The War in Vietnam
  • Hist 590R: Special Topics
  • Hist 653: Sources and Problems in 20th Century America​

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Dr. García is the Lemuel Hardison Redd jr. Professor of Western & Latino History at BYU. He is the author of seven books on Mexican American politics, civil rights and community studies. He has written on Chicano political parties, the John F. Kennedy presidential campaign as it relates to Latinos, a biography on Hector P. García, an American civil rights icon, the first Mexican American civil rights case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the impact of sports in the Mexican American community. He recently published his memoir Chicano While Mormon: Activism, War and Keeping the Faith, which speaks to how his faith inspired his activism and how it serves as the foundation for his scholarship. He is currently working on a biography and documentary on Eduardo Balderas, the first translator for the LDS Church and one of its first Latino patriarchs. He is also doing research for a collection of essays on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission’s 1968 hearings on the problems of Mexican Americans in the Southwest. Professor García is a former journalist who covered both civil rights and the wars in Central America and the Middle East. His book When Mexicans Could Play Ball has been optioned for a feature film depicting the unlikely journey of a Mexican American high school basketball team to win Texas state titles in 1943 & 1945.