Field: Africa, South Africa

Contact Info:
2135 JFSB
(801) 422-8013 / Fax: (801) 422-0275

Consultation Hours:

W:1–3 PM & by appointment​

Current Classes:
  • Hist 200: Historian's Craft
  • Hist 261: Modern Africa
Classes Taught:
  • Hist 200: Historian's Craft
  • Hist 202: World Civilizations from 1500
  • Hist 261: Modern Africa
  • Hist 336: South Aftican Liberation Movements
  • Hist 339: African Social Change
  • Hist 366: Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa and the Atlantic World​




Leslie Hadfield has been teaching African history at BYU since 2010.  Hadfield primarily studies South African contemporary social and political history. Her research interests include South African liberation movements and the experience of black nurses in the Eastern Cape.  She has conducted extensive oral history interviews which are an important part of her work.  Hadfield earned her PhD in African history at Michigan State University. She has lived in South Africa and speaks Xhosa. She has also studied Swahili in Tanzania and has a broad range of interests in African history throughout the continent. Hadfield is affiliated with the Africana Studies and International Development Studies programs at BYU.

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