BYU’s Family History/Genealogy program is unique; it offers the only bachelor’s in family history in North America and its international scope is unrivaled. It offers intensive training and prepares students for a variety of professions and community service. The combination of evidence analysis, technology, and paleography skills makes fa​mily history/genealogy a gateway discipline for multiple historical, genealogical, archival, library, and research professions. ​ ​​​​​​​
​​Why Study Family Histor​y?
​​“Becoming a Family History/Genealogy major was one of the b​est decisions I ever made.  My d​egree has afforded me the chance to develop and strengthen interests in business, culture, history​, language, public speaking, and research.”​ ​​

​- BYU Family History Graduate

Degrees offered at BYU​​​​ Career Paths in Family History

    Bachelor i​n Family History/Genealogy

    Minor in Family History/Genealogy

    Bachelor of General Studies – History/Family History Emphasis​

The Family History/Genealogy major offers undergraduates an unparalleled opportunity to hone their skills outside of the classroom.
  In addition to internships, many students are employed as research assistants to history faculty, many work in the Religion 261 lab, and many are employed by the Center for Family H​istory and Genealogy.  Because the major is relatively small, majors and minors build friendships and working relationships with other students that benefit not only their college careers, but also their post-graduation pursuits.


    Genealog​ical Research Company
    Historical Societies
    Technology Companies​​