​​A Student Journal for Scholarly Historical Writing

The Thetean is a scholarly student journal representing historical essays written by students at Brigham Young University. Manuscripts dealing with any historical topic are considered and evaluated according to originality of the thesis, standards of scholarly historical method, and writing style.

Join the Thetean Staff 

Are you looking for a history elective for next semester, Winter 2017? Do you need another class to fill a major/minor requirement? Would you like to gain valuable editing experience to improve your writing skills and add to your resume? Are you looking for a change from the standard lecture-based courses?

Consider joining the staff of The Thetean, the History Department's scholarly student-produced journal. The staff, composed of eight to ten students, will select and prepare student papers for publication in the journal, to be printed in Spring 2017. All history students who would like editing experience, who would like to gain practical experience to prepare for graduate school and added perspective on improving their own papers, who would like to learn about the dynamics of publishing a journal, or who would like​ a fun class that is different from traditional lecture-based courses, are invited to apply. 

The class offers members of the staff three credit hours for winter semester. In the place of time spent in class, the staff will meet for approximately an hour each week. The production process should be completed by the first week of April.

Applications to join The Thetean staff are due Monday, November 28, 2016 by 5:00 pm. See the link below for application. Applications are also available in the History Department office in 2130 JFSB. Please leave your completed application in box for The Thetean in the department office.

Being on the editorial staff will not preclude you from submitting your own papers as entries; so don’t let that stop you from applying!

Download the application: The Thetean St​aff Application​​.

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