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Local Internships

Click here for local internship opportunities: Local Internships and Contact Information Spring.Summer 2013.pdfLocal Internships and Contact Information Spring.Summer 2013.pdf

With few exceptions, these opportunities are available every semester.

National or International Internships

These are just a small sampling of the type of internships that are generally available for history and family history majors outside of Utah. Internships can be done almost anywhere in the world and with a number of different organizations.

History Internship Opportunities Non Local.pdfHistory Internship Opportunities Non Local.pdf

Family History Internship Opportunities with descriptions.pdfFamily History Internship Opportunities with descriptions.pdf

For more information about available internship opportunities, please contact the Internship Coordinator at hist_intern@byu.edu, or call (801) 422-1789, or stop by the History Department, 2130 JFSB.