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Kirk Larsen

Associate Professor
Imperialism, History Faculty, Foreign Relations, 1914-Present, Asia

Office: 2151 JFSB
Consultation Hours: M: 3 - 4 PM, Th: 2 - 3 PM & by appointment

An Associate Professor of History, Kirk W. Larsen specializes in the histories of modern Korea, modern China, and early modern and modern East Asian international relations. He earned a Ph.D. in History at Harvard University (2000). Joining the BYU faculty in 2008, he teaches courses in Korean, Chinese, East Asian, and World History. His publications include Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Chosŏn Korea, 1850-1910 (Harvard University Asia Center, 2008). His next book, Pirates, Soldiers, Diplomats, Cannibals, and Other 'Savages': Historical Memories of Early Korean-American Relations (1866-1882) is forthcoming. He has published, presented, and commented on a variety of contemporary issues including East Asian foreign relations, North Korea, nationalism and elections in South Korea, and Sino-Korean relations. He has appeared on ABC, MSNBC, VOA, the Canadian Broadcast System, and Al Jazeera.