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How to Earn Credit

Earning Credit

Course: History 299R (0.5 to 6.0 credit hours)

An internship is not required for the History degree, but highly encouraged, especially in the junior or senior years, after the completion of significant historical training and capstone research courses (History 200/490). Students may count up to 6.0 credits of "R" classes toward their major elective requirements. One credit hour is equal to at least 42 hours of carefully supervised and coordinated work. Your suggested work hours will look like this (based on the regular 14-week Fall/Winter semester or the 7-week Spring/Summer term):

Credit HoursTotal HoursHours/Week (Semester)Hours/Week (Term)

Registering for the Class

Once you have found an internship, please contact the History Internship Coordinator in order to receive approval for your internship. (Contact information is listed below.) To register for the class, you must submit an IRAMS internship application through BYU's Internship Office. This is only for domestic internships. All international interns must go through the Kennedy Center's International Studies Program to register for credit. When filling out your application, you MUST include your contact information, your Internship Supervisor’s contact information (as much as you know), and the total approximate hours you will work.

Course Assignments

Due dates and assignments may vary based on the number of credit hours you are taking and the start/end dates of the internship. History 299R is currently offered on a PASS/FAIL basis. These are the general assignments you can expect to complete during your internship.

  • Statement of Expectations: Where you will be working and what you will be doing during your internship. Must be signed by you and your Internship Supervisor.
  • Evaluations and Self-Assessments: You and your supervisor will complete two evaluations/self-assessments of your work (at mid-term and at the end of the internship).
  • Internship Project Report: Document (through photographs, catalogs, spreadsheets, words, etc.) the project(s) that you have participated in during your internship.
  • Final Report: 3-5-page, double-spaced review and assessment of your entire internship experience and its educational value.