Field: Family/Hispanic

Contact Info:
2105 JFSB
(801) 422-8047​

Current Classes:
  • Hist 353: S. Europe/Latin America Family History
Classes Taught:
  • Hist 353: S. Europe/Latin America Family History
  • Hist​ 363: The Borderlands: The Spanish Frontier in North America
  • Hist 390R: Family History Research in the Netherlands
  • Hist 400: The Family and the Law in American History
  • Hist 410R: Southern European Family History
  • Hist 411R: Latin American Family History Research​
  • Hist 424: Romance Language and Writing and Documents
  • Hist 481R: Directed Research in Family History
  • Hist 482: Professional Paths and Credentials in Family History
  • Hist 496R: Academic Internship: Family History
  • Hist 696R: Practicum in Public History and Family History
  • Rel 267: Spain and Latin America Family History
  • Rel C 293: Specialised Studies in Family History (Genealogy)

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