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An internship can be done anywhere in the world. Here is a small sample of the types of internships you can do and the locations where they can be done. We are happy to work with students to research and pursue internships with other non-listed organizations that best fit their interests. Please contact with other internship proposals.

Current Fall Internship Openings, contact for more information:

Utah State Archives and Records
Church Women's History
Hill Aerospace Museum
Family History Majors: Swiss Generations Inc.
Family History Majors: The Family History Guide
BYU Law and Corpus Linguistics
Ballard Center Internships for Social impact
BYU Family History Library
Joseph Smith Papers Project


***Please note: the bold items may be of particular interest to Family History students

Opportunities in the Western US

Opportunities in the Midwest

International Opportunities

Washington Seminar

While students do not need to participate in the Washington Seminar to complete one of these internships, students are encouraged to work with the Washington Seminar program if they are interested in internships in the Washington, D.C. area. The Washington Seminar also awards several scholarship grants each semester and have housing available for students in D.C. (for single and married students). For more information, visit the program website.

International - BYU Kennedy Center

All international internships must be arranged through the Kennedy Center’s International Study Programs (ISP). Contact ISP for more information and application deadlines. The sooner you get started, the better! 101 HRCB, (801) 422-3686.

  • Baltic States Internships (English availability)
  • Berlin Internships (English availability)
  • Brazil Internship (Museum Curatorship and Archival Administration)
  • Brussels: European Government & Society (English)
  • Central Europe Internships
  • France Internships
  • Italy Internships
  • Moscow Internships
  • France Internships
  • Scandinavian Internships
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
  • Japan Internships
  • Spain Internships
  • Warsaw Internships
  • Wordsworth Trust Internship (English)
  • Design Your Own Individual Experience


For additional help and information, contact the Internship Coordinator at 2130F JFSB, (801) 422-1789, or