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Report from a BYU Student Teacher

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Want to know what it's like to be an student teacher? Read this internship report from Olivia Forsberg. (Graduated from the BYU Social Science Teaching Program in Fall 2023.)

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Photo by Nate Edwards

My name is Olivia Forsberg, and I hail from Las Vegas, Nevada. I graduated in December 2023 with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Science Teaching Program. During the Fall 2023 semester, I worked as a student teacher at Lake Mountain Middle School. I taught over 180 students, ranging from 7th to 9th grade, in three sections of Utah History and two sections of Speech and Debate. Having grown up in Nevada, a state that is often ranked as one of the least educated states in the United States, I have always been passionate about academic excellence and reform. Over the last four months, I have realized my goal and lifelong dream of becoming an educator. From August 11 to November 10, I spent 591 hours in the classroom teaching. However, I spent countless hours outside the classroom investing in my students, planning lessons, and developing curriculum.

During my internship, I immersed myself in the classroom, developed relationships with faculty and mentors, and honed my pedagogical skills and curriculum development. Each day of my internship provided me with insight, knowledge, and confidence as I pursue a professional teaching career following graduation. I have witnessed my students improve their historical literacy skills, gain confidence, and actively participate in their learning. It has been the most fulfilling semester, offering my time, heart, and intention to the development of these young learners and citizens.

BYU’s mission of “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve” resonates strongly with me. I have strived to learn and take advantage of every opportunity placed in front of me during my time in school to spend my life serving students worldwide and blessing their lives with the invaluable gift of education. The faculty and staff were kind and gracious towards me during my time in the program, and their education means the world to me. I commit to achieving my goals and making a difference one interaction at a time. I recognize the extraordinary opportunity the program has given me and will be forever appreciative of it. The education I received is a gift, and I am deeply thankful for it.