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Student Employment Form

Please fill out before you are hired as a TA or RA for the History Department
Your student email will automatically be put in as your contact email.

Are you an International Student? *
International students should follow the guidelines for the official BYU Work Week. Students are permitted to work 19 hours and 50 minutes from the beginning of Saturday at 12:00 am (midnight) until Friday at 11:59 pm. International students need to be very careful about staying under 20 hours week.
New Job Title? *
How many hours a week do you expect to work?
Next Steps to Employment (Please read carefully)
1. Look for an email from Student Employment Services that may request your I-9 documentation. Please submit necessary identity documents to the Student Employment office in the Wilkinson Center. For a list of acceptable documents, go to this link: (you may not need to do this if you have worked on campus in the last 3 years and have already submitted your documents)

2. Sign up for Direct Deposit found on the myBYU page under Direct Deposit tab.

3. Please wait for an Authorization to Work email prior to clocking in for the first time. Please do not start working until you get approval from Alex Allred to start your new job.
Training and Recording Time
1. For Teaching Assistants Only: Complete FERPA training for Staff. This needs to be done once per year.

2. Please read carefully the Y-Time instructions below to learn how to clock your time. Your Faculty Supervisor will be your direct supervisor. Alex Allred ( will be your Y-Time supervisor. Please contact her with any time punch issues.

Y-Time Instructions

The University uses the Y-Time time keeping system to record hours worked. Employees should punch in/out at the clock nearest their work station or by using the on-line access through myBYU or the BYU app. Employees should punch out for meal breaks, class attendance or other absences, and punch out at the end of the work period. Your timecard is to reflect ONLY REAL TIMES WORKED. You are never under any circumstances to falsify your timecard by punching in and out other than real times when you begin and end working. Employees should not permit others to enter their punches for them. Employees should not clock in/out from other buildings on campus unless work assignments require it. Due to federal wage and hour laws regarding overtime, employees may not return to their workstations to engage in further University work after they have clocked out unless they clock back in. Violation of these procedures may result in termination.

How to use the BYU APP to Clock in

1. Download the BYU App and select “Add Features”
2. Scroll down to Y-time and clicking the “+” sign right next to it.
3. To clock in, simply click on the Green IN button located next to the corresponding job description. To clock out, click on the Red OUT button by the appropriate job.
4. Click on the View Timesheet button to see your detailed timesheet that will show you all punches recorded for the current pay period. You can also see time punch errors that need correction they will show up as a !


Three Y-Time portals in the JFSB are located on the first floor of the building; on the wall by the Humanities Advisement Center (NE entrance), on the wall by the Center for Family History/Genealogy (SE entrance) and on the wall by the restrooms (NW entrance).

Please note the following guidelines for using the Y-Time portals:
  • You may use any portal on campus, providing that it is close to where you are working.
  • You may punch in at one portal and out at another, provided that it is close to where you are working.

Via myBYU:

Adding the Portlet:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the Home tab, Customize, Add Apps.
  3. Enter “Y-Time” into the search bar that appears.
  4. Select “Add” on the top right corner of the box.
Using the Portlet:
  1. The portlet will list all active jobs for which you are employed.  To clock in or out, click on the green “IN” or red “OUT” button next to the job description.
  2. If you want to review your last punch, click on the job description link.
  3. If you want to review all punches, click on the Timesheet button.


The following are all conditions of your employment with the History Department. These policies are designed to make sure that everyone gets paid correctly and on time. The earlier you notify me with any questions, problems, or concerns about your timecard, the more likely it is that the problem will be solved quickly and effectively.

Note: If you work more than one job on campus, you must have at least 5 minutes between punching in and out of each job in order for the system to recognize your time and not cause it to have an exception due to a job overlap.

You are expected to clock in and out on a Y-Time portal or on the web for ALL hours that you work. You might forget to punch in or out or might not always have access to the web feature. To resolve missed punches or to record off-site hours where you did not have myBYU access, EITHER:

Email me at Your e-mail MUST include the following:
  1. your first and last name
  2. your BYU ID number
  3. the reason for the missed punch
  4. the date of the missed punch
  5. the actual time of the missed punch, including a.m. and p.m.
  6. if punches need to be deleted, please specify (ie. 1:20:04pm needs to be deleted on 3/25/23).

OR Correct the time yourself by going into your own time card and adding or correcting a missed punch.

*Missed punches must be itemized by dates and times and properly labeled (i.e. Wednesday, May 14, 2023: IN – 2:08pm OUT – 5:30pm). Block sets of hours (i.e. September 12 - 6 hours) will NOT be accepted.

If you miss a punch (whether in or out), do NOT punch again to compensate. For example, if you forget to punch in at 12:00 pm and then punch out at 2:00 pm, DON’T punch again at 4:00 pm to “make up” the two hours you worked. Likewise, if you punch in at 12:00 and forget to punch out, but don’t realize it until 3:00, DON’T punch out at 3:00 to avoid a missed punch, planning to fix it later. Report ALL missed punches ASAP.

The BYU work week is from Saturday 12:00 a.m. through Friday 11:59 p.m. Pay periods end every other Friday. You are responsible for knowing when pay periods end, for logging your hours by the deadline, and for reporting your hours by the end of each pay period. If you consistently fail to do so, we may refuse to continue carrying hours to the next pay period.

  • You must keep as close as possible to the number of hours given to you by the History Department, without going over.  If you have ANY questions or concerns about whether you might work more than the hours you are assigned, please talk to me BEFORE the end of the pay period.  There will be some weeks that are busier than others, like midterms and finals weeks, but there should be no reason to consistently go over your allocated hours.  If you are having a problem completing everything that the professor asks of you in the time allowed, please contact the History Department.