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Stewart Anderson.jpg

Stewart Anderson

Assistant Professor
History Faculty, 1914-Present

Office: 2153 JFSB
Consultation Hours: MWF: 11 - 11:50 AM & by appointment

Stewart Anderson is an assistant professor of history at BYU. He has received degrees from Westminster College (BA, 2004) and Binghamton University (MA, 2007; PhD 2011) His dissertation, \"Big Lessons from the Small Screen: Television Fiction, Media Consensus, and the Reinvention of Morality in East and West Germany, 1956-1970," describes how early German television fiction became one of the most prominent mediums for resolving what many social critics and politicians believed to be a moral vacuum which had formed in the wake of the Nazi catastrophe. He has received research fellowships from the Fulbright and German Academic Exchange programs, and has published articles in journals such as Critical Studies in Television, Memory Studies, and the Journal of European Television History and Culture. His research and teaching interests include postwar Germany, Modern Europe, media history, and collective memory.