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Faculty Advice

Dr. Ignacio Garcia gives advice to students about what they can do to prepare to enter the workforce or continue their research. He talks about his story, what draws him to history, and what is driving his involvement with committees, organizations, and research centered on diversity, inclusion and collaboration.

"Come and talk to your professors!" Dr. Cacey Farnsworth talks with students about his preparation for graduate school. "Don't be afraid of your passion for History. As long as we move forward with faith, things will work out no matter what ends up happening." Dr. Farnsworth provides advice to students, discussing his mentorship experience at BYU that prepared him for his area of study, and how experiential learning in his undergraduate set him apart from other candidates in his PhD program. He said his grades and GPA weren't the best, but his archival experience gave him what he needed to secure opportunities.

Dr. Karen Auman didn't start her career as a professor. In this video, Dr. Auman talks about her days working in product management and marketing and what started her on the path to pursue her PhD in History. She also discusses the value of experiential learning as a way for students to connect with qualifying experiences necessary for careers post-graduation.