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History’s Calling -- Where Will it Take You?

Webinar Series

The "History’s Calling--Where Will it Take You? " webinar series is designed to talk with historical experts about their career path to show that:

  • Not all Historians have traditional teaching roles
  • Not all paths into historical fields are linear
  • History students can become qualified for a variety of jobs through internships and experiential learning
  • History students CAN find jobs that suit their multi-interests

We are excited to continue our robust webinar series, which will resume in February 2021. We have a packed schedule and look forward to hearing from industry professionals, BYU alumni, and current students who are doing internships in the History Department.

In Fall semester, we were delighted to hear from individuals who shared their experiences and discussed how internships and other experiential learning opportunities helped them:

1. Find their focus
2. Qualify for their current roles
3. Network with others in the industry, exposing them to multiple job opportunities
4. Integrate the skills learned in college into jobs/opportunities they never thought would be available to them